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This site provides either pdfs or reference details for a wide assortment of articles and books that are relevant to this broad brush approach to maternal health; insights from the humanities. This site will be of interest to Midwives, Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Social Workers and family counsellors, GPs, and practitioners who are working with women and/or families. Many of the sources may well be of interest to women-as-mothers and feminist researchers. There are multiple references to articles and books that will engage practitioners but also individuals who would like to follow-up on selected texts. The birth of an infant is a significant social and cultural event and the humanities provides for both insight and critique. You will find references to:

  • qualitative/quantitative studies on the 'Transition to Parenthood';
  • an ever increasing spectrum of materials on 'being a mum';
  • a reshaping of family life and changing family values;
  • new ways of thinking about what it means to be autonomous;
  • midwifery and maternal and child health sources;
  • a significant body of work from within psychoanalysis;
  • and some wonderful work from within feminism.

There are also sections on equity, care, sociology and economics as these are perspectives that importantly frame the experience of being a mother and/or these 'brave new families'. This database is not attempting to be definitive but to work as a touchstone between these bodies of work, the practitioners, and women who are mothering.

  • Dr Joan Garvan PhD
    Australian National University
  • Master of Arts
    (1st class Honours)
    New South Wales University

My thesis in Gender Studies is titled:
Maternal Ambivalence in contemporary Australia: navigating equity and care

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